Getting the most out of your remote deposition is paramount to keeping your thriving practice moving. You will want to optimize your process to help you and your clients achieve the best outcome and remove stressors. You only get one take; make sure you are set up for success.

Confirm your Setup.

Your job requires a great deal of responsibility and an ethical obligation to your clients. Know how to use your new set up and avoid embarrassing miscues by fully vetting the capabilities and limitations of the technology. Be sure your client is comfortable with the platform you will be using. Check that all parties have the necessary devices and hardware for a secure feed. Test internet connectivity, audio, and video feeds ahead of the deposition. Technica VMT can do this for you as part of their standard service offerings. If possible, arrange for a quick mock virtual deposition using the platform to confirm you are ready.

Get everyone on the same page.

Consider stipulations and agreements for conduct during the deposition. Address agreements for objections and rules concerning the virtual meeting room. Confirm that anyone appearing may consents to be recorded by audio and/or video. Confirm the appropriate use of non-waiver agreements, non-disclosure contracts, and obligations of privilege and work product information for the sharing of documents, or communications in a virtual break-out room.

Submit Exhibits in Advance.

If you plan to use exhibits, providing them to your Virtual Meeting Technician (VMT™) as early as possible will ensure that the sharing and marking of exhibits will flow smoothly. All VMTs are trained by a nationally certified Registered Professional Reporter in proper handling and marking of documents and will share, annotate, and upload exhibits to a secure location so you can remain focused on taking a deposition instead of worrying about sharing the correct window.

Schedule the deposition with a vendor.

Remote scheduling can be tricky. Cancelation fees can be costly. Confirm you have the best contact information for all parties and the witness(es). Obtain any stipulations from opposing counsel and the witness that your virtual deposition, including remote swearing in of the witness, is acceptable. Know where all attendees will be located and share contact information and meeting invitation for each location.

Plans can change quickly. Hiring a service to confirm all attendees are present on the date and time you expect to depose (even if these plans change the day of) can alleviate scheduling challenges. Attendees will have the latest meeting information and secure link to attend; assuring everyone is in the right virtual room at the right time.

Schedule a rehearsal.

The best way to make sure you are ready to take a remote deposition is a dry run before you are on the record. Even a 5–10-minute training session can go a long way in ensuring you are fully prepared. Consider scheduling a time with your VMT to rehearse; they will make sure that you are set up properly and help you feel practiced and prepared to utilize all of the features available to you to get the most out of your virtual deposition.

In Summary.

Virtual depositions can save you time and money if done right. The stakes are high; with Technica VMT, you handle your depo, we’ll handle the rest.