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Technica VMT

When the pandemic struck in March of 2020 and our “normal” way of conducting business was no longer an option, the owners of Gaige & Feliccitti quickly started exploring ways to bring their business forward into this new virtual world.  It became very evident early on that court reporters not only wanted but needed to be the court reporters to maintain the integrity of the record, and the attorneys wanted and needed to be just attorneys so they can do their job of representing their parties.

Beth Gaige, a nationally certified reporter, but who is NOT tech savvy, realized early on the need for another person in the meeting/deposition to handle all IT issues, control and share documents, mark exhibits, and assist with the private breakout rooms.  Michelle Feliccitti, a nationally certified reporter, but who IS very tech savvy, used her experience as a firm owner, working court reporter, and technology wizard to train technicians to work in the legal field and beyond.  We are pleased to now offer a team of Virtual Meeting Technicians, or VMTs, who offer integrity, ethics, and accuracy along with their skill in smoothly maneuvering through this new virtual world in the legal environment.  

Virtual Meeting Technicians "VMT"

 Trained by our Nationally Certified Registered Professional Reporter, Technica VMTs are ready to be of service to you. Let them help you focus on your job!


Whether a traditional IP/H323 system, a computer or a Ipad, we are able to bridge all parties together for a smooth and efficient virtual proceeding.

Video Event Services

No event is too small or too big, our Virtual Meeting Technicians can host your Webinar with 10,000 people or your meeting of four people. Whatever your need is, our VMTs can cover.

Why Choose Us

Trained by a national certified registered professional reporter, our Virtual Meeting Technicians do more than just troubleshoot connection issues or IT problems. They work with integrity to insure the privacy and importance of all remote proceedings, perform tasks such as: securing the room down at the start of the meeting; display, share, mark, and annotate exhibits; provide a breakout room for private conversations with clients.

Our Philosophy



Our Virtual meeting technicians are an independent, impartial party in the meeting room to serve the needs of all participants.



With organized efficiency, our Virtual Meeting Technicians are able to save time and resources for all your meeting needs, leaving you the opportunity focus on your job.



In the adage of Wyatt Erp “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything”. Virtual Meeting Technicians will ensure the correctness documents presented or shared as instructed by the client, keeping things confidential and secure.

Our Founders

Beth Gaige

Beth Gaige

Technica VMT / Gaige & Feliccitti LLC

Michelle Feliccitti

Michelle Feliccitti

Technica VMT / Gaige & Feliccitti LLC

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