Virtual Meeting Technicians "VMT"

 Trained by our Nationally Certified Registered Professional Reporter, Technica VMTs are ready to be of service to you. Let them help you focus on your job!


Whether a traditional IP/H323 system, a computer or a Ipad, we are able to bridge all parties together for a smooth and efficient virtual proceeding.

Video Event Services

No event is too small or too big, our Virtual Meeting Technicians can host your Webinar with 10,000 people or your meeting of four people. Whatever your need is, our VMTs can cover.

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Our Virtual Meeting Technicians are ready to assist you with your Online Meeting!

“Gaige & Feliccitti LLC have always been great reporters, and they have handled the new remote deposition environment impressively. Their use of (Technica VMT) technicians alongside court reporters allows the reporter to concentrate on capturing the testimony while the technician can assist with exhibits and any user issues that might arise. This works well for the lawyers and the deponents and allows for an experience as close as I have seen so far to an in-person deposition.”

Stephen Bell

Attorney, Douglas Dedham buccina Kennedy-Jensen & Bell

“I used Gaige & Feliccitti, LLC exclusively for my court reporting needs prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and have continued to exclusively use them since. G&F adapted quickly to the times and restrictions on social interaction. The business Zoom platform used to conduct depositions and examinations under oath is easy to use. G&F provided instruction prior to the first deposition I had and continues to offer instruction to me, my client, any witnesses, and opposing counsel both prior to and during the depositions. They handle the posting of exhibits, magnification, turning of pages, etc. so that the witness and all counsel are looking at the same thing at the same time. Although it is not the same thing as conducting the depositions in person, G&F has made the remote video deposition process go as smooth as possible and a good tool to continue my practice. I will continue to use the outstanding services offered by G&F for all my reporting needs.

Matthew T. Mehalic

Attorney, Norman Hanson DeTroy Attorneys at Law

“Thanks as always for all of your assistance. It is such a privilege to work with you and your team. You and Beth are always terrific to work with; and both Beth & Lynne have not surprisingly been a pleasure to work with on this case.

 I wanted to take a moment to give a special “shout out” to Jacob. What a terrific young man. He has done an outstanding job with all of the document management and presentation during the course of the depositions. He has taken the component of this process that could be the most daunting and made it simple and easy to understand. And he does it with an impressive mix of patience, politeness and professionalism. Gratefully.”

Timothy J. Bryant

Attorney, Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau & Pachios

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