Here at Technica we firmly believe that effective, efficient remote meetings shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  However spending some money will let you rely more on your hardware than a carefully managed settings profile, as well as set you up for clean and professional remote and hybrid meetings for the future. Below we have curated our hardware picks for a variety of budgets and office goals:

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If you want a simple setup that can be ready to go anywhere in less than ten minutes, we recommend:

A speakerphone to serve all your audio needs. This one from Anker has a fantastic battery life and great sound quality, so it can take you from your meeting to your evening podcasts.

Anker Speakerphone. Grey square with rounded edges, with a smaller black rounded square for the controls in the center. the black shape is outlined by a blue LED.

A wide angle webcam so you don’t have to worry about not being on screen with your clients.

And a couple accessories. The hub will let you connect a camera, speaker, and mouse to a laptop (as well as an ethernet cord for an extra-strong connection), while the extension cable and the speaker lets you be farther away from the screen and still be heard loud and clear.



If you are looking for a more permanent setup, or if you like equipment:

A desktop microphone from a brand renowned for making good audio equipment.

With a standalone microphone, you’ll need something else to hear the meeting with. Both the speaker and headphones come in many colours, so pick your favourite!


Every office setup needs a webcam, and this wide angle option is so sleek, you might not even remember it’s there.


If you’re in this for the long haul and want as clean and professional a look as possible:

For a one piece video-conferencing setup, we cannot recommend this telescoping webcam/speakerphone combination enough.


And some cherries on top:

The items in this section are more honourable mentions, or solutions to specific problems, than they are integral pieces of your new meeting space.

Do you like to move around during your meetings, but find that your microphone doesn’t follow you well? A clip on lavalier could be just the thing!


Maybe your microphone isn’t causing you any trouble, but you haven’t been able to find a good place for your camera. A tripod that sits either on your table or on the floor will help you get the perfect angle for your next meeting.



After working thousands of depositions and seeing hundreds of office setups, we think we’ve seen it all in terms of hardware choices. Having a good setup will let you focus on your job, not on what your microphone settings are. For more help with the digital side of things, contact us for your next remote meeting, and find out how we make remote meetings simple.